The Opium Trail

by Ollin

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It is the end of the XIXth Century. A man leaves the opium den and travels through London and all the way down to the west coast of England in search for the truth- he reflects upon his life in a drug-induced haze, recalling those smallest as well as more monumental moments and painting a picture of a dark but colourful and incredibly intense world.
In the end he finds no peace, loses all hope and eventually realises that this was his truth after all - his fate to be that of an ever-wandering ghost, witnessing the beginning of new, uncertain times.


released March 22, 2010

Bill Forth - guitars, atmospherics
Reed Hayes - drums and percussion
Radek Kordasiewicz - loops, atmospherics
Troy Southgate - voice

Guest appearance by Sean Ghannam - lead guitar on Wild Eyes Shut Under The Veil

Written and produced by Radek Kordasiewicz
Lyrics by Radek Kordasiewicz with grammatical assistance by Troy Southgate

Recorded between April 2007 and March 2010 at Reedcording Drum Studio, Deltona, Sonic Playground Studio, Orlando, home studios in Beckenham, Kent, West Hollywood, California and Piława Górna, Poland.
Mixed by Radek Kordasiewicz

Cover artwork by Joanna Nowak
Old paper texture by struckdumb (
Art direction and sleeve design by Radek Kordasiewicz

Thanks to Joanna and Sean



all rights reserved



Ambient, electronica & progressive rock duo of Radek Kordasiewicz (Poland) and Juan R Leõn (USA), attacking the eardrums worldwide since 2005. Ollin is an online collaboration.

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Track Name: Indrid Cold
It was a cold
Cold night

Lanterns scattered the air
Behind the amber palettes
Of open windows

I could feel my eyes
Opening slowly
To see the unseen nights

My desires
How dark they were
Black diamonds
Hidden inside
Covered by the ashes
Of the gothic city
Under the sunset
Of ruby red star

And there they were
Shades closed for all of our tomorrows
Those that will never be
And the island I've seen in my dreams
Far away on the open seas

I've been lost out of the den
Shut beneath the veil
Dreaming of unforgetable whispers
Of the opium trail
Track Name: Wild Eyes Shut Under The Veil
I feel my breathing begins to increase
It covers me like an eiderdown of sweet dust
It's like silence
Interlaced by the clinking of glasses

Like a dense mist in the garden of tangerine
A vase full of foam
In which I drown
And chase the dragons
To catch them by their golden tails

Into the wild eyes
I tumble and drown
In between the warm smudges
Of this ocean of smoke
Green and red lights on the shore
A thousand stars colliding
And I am another

Green lamps flood me with their light
They speak the language of the moon
As I break through the black sky
To open the door
And drown in every droplet of rain
In the falling sky of the London night
In the cold stabbing of my skin
In the pulse of my blood

These are the wild eyes hidden behind a curtain
Ruby shadow over the altar of candles
Wild eyes shut under the veil
Underwater lanterns of the opium trail

I will take the shores
And raise them up high
Up above the walls
Between you and I
Track Name: Shades Closed For All Tomorrows
There are these old stairs, upon which we were climbing
Flickering lights, like lamps on the water
Relected upon windows, from behind which someone is always staring
Looking at us from behind the shades that are closed for all our tomorrows

There is a tunnel, in the old town underground
Under the river that springs from the ice cold jars
In the entrance to the shadowy theatre
In serpentines plaited in the tobacco swirl
The ardour of candles is diffused
And glitters in cold drops
That cling to the red glass

I was on my knees, at her feet, begging
When she was laying in the midst of withered rose petals
I was begging her to be the howling in the darkness
A wind that brings the storm
A dawn on the plains that is scorched by the sun
A black tile of water above the immeasurable fathoms of cold
Of the underwater century

I remember her telling me
Repeating all the time
That those, who fear
Are lost
In the sinful arms of Andromeda
Among speeding flocks of cormorants
In waterfalls of endless nights
Above which flamingos welcome the rising sun
Track Name: Jack Of Diamonds
I've got stitches in my skin
To heal the wounds left by the explosives
That I have found upon her lips
Cherry drops of dynamite
And her tears in diamonds
Under the silken armour
In the thick stream of this darkened street
Between mannequins and masks impaled on the stilts

And now, when it is dawn - I spread my arms
Burnt upon the wind like a homeless phantom
Weaved into this cold without pausing for a single breath
I wait for her - patient, unbroken

Like a burning throat, like a broken branch
My tired legs are screaming out in pain
Myself - an idiot's dream, skin furrowed by the knife
Myself - the voice of a madman thrown upon the wind
Track Name: Take Me Black
On these hollow fields of depth
Black shadows and violet serpentines
The ocean hides the beasts inside
And they're calling me again
I respond, dreaming no more

The lights start to flow like a river of aquamarine
All the big pictures and small fears crawling together like a circus troupe
All mine in this hour of ruby sunset
Light fades on the sea as I rest my head aboard

The unseen and immeasurable depth holds the ship in its arms
Causing the sails to shiver on the cold wind
Night walks behind us
With drops of rain on her lips
Deep red
In warm smoke
She speaks
And I see each day of my life
Her voice scratches my mind
It will never reach me again
Unless one day the eternity stops running

Lost in harbour of possibilities
I chose solitude
Trees on the shoreline will never hold my hand
Never speak or even look
Never open their eyes for me
As the shadows pass the ocean and cover me as I lie
I feel that we move

In the light of a day
I always stood in shadows
Always thirsting with questions
Never receiving answers
Step by step
My opium trail
Leaves me by the sea
Now, please
Only take me back, into the black